Copy To Oracle

SQL Developer 3.0 EA1 introduces the Copy to Oracle feature.

Copy to Oracle copies a table from a non Oracle database, like SQL Server, Sybase and MS Access to Oracle. The action can be found by right clicking one or more selected non Oracle tables and choosing "Copy To Oracle".

Its very handy if you just want to get a particular table or a handful of tables into Oracle including their data. There is no setup required and its very easy to do.

The "Migrate to Oracle" differs in that it provides user,procedures,trigger,view, constraints, keys, indexes and table migration. Whereas "Copy to Oracle" only supports the basic table migration.

MS Access customers may find "Copy to Oracle" particularly useful as it doesn't require any system privileges to access the databases metadata.
MS Access connections also have "Copy to Oracle" available on right click of the connection to easily allow all tables to be copied.

With all migrations , the migrated table and data should be verified as complete.