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Multibyte Offline Data Move

Moving data from a non Oracle database to Oracle can be a bit tricky when different character sets are at play.
For this example Ill move data from a Russian (Cyrillic_General_CI_AS) SQL Server  database on windows  to UTF8 (AL32UTF8) Oracle  database on linux.

SQL Server 2008 Cyrillic_General_CI_AS database
CREATE TABLE multibyte1(col1 VARCHAR(10),col2 CHAR(10));
CREATE TABLE multibyte2(col2 NVARCHAR(10),col2 NCHAR(100));
INSERT INTO multibyte1 VALUES('фис','фис');
INSERT INTO multibyte2 VALUES('фис','фис');
SELECT * FROM multibyte1;
SELECT * FROM multibyte2;

SQL Developer can migrate the two tables to Oracle

CREATE TABLE multibyte1(col1 VARCHAR2(10),col2 CHAR(10));
CREATE TABLE multibyte2(col2 NVARCHAR2(10),col2 NCHAR(100));

SQL Developer will also generate offline data move scripts which can perform the data move using SQL Servers BCP and Oracle SQL*Loader.

There are two issues with the scripts generated by SQL Developer (Ill fix them from the next release).