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JDeveloper Group By Insight Preference

During Oracle OpenWorld a customer asked how to turn off the autogenerate of GROUP BY clause when using JDeveloper.
SQL Developer has a preference

But JDeveloper is missing this preference, and it is turned on by default. This will be rectified in a future realese of JDeveloper but in the mean time there is a workaround.
1) Close JDeveloper. 2) Open JDevelopers product-preferences.xml file. This can be found under c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\\o.jdeveloper\ on windows 7. Or in the usual place applications persist preferences in your OS. 3)Add the following after the ide tag.

<hash n="DBConfig">
<value n="AUTOGENERATEGROUPBY" v="false"/>
<hash n="EXTENSION"/>
<value n="INDENT_CACHE_NUMBER" v="2"/>
<value n="INDENT_CACHE_USE_TAB" v="false"/>

4) Restart JDeveloper, and Autogenerate GROUP BY should not turned off.