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Migrating To Oracle Using Custom Object Names

Sybase , SQL  Server and other databases allow for long identifier names.
Oracle allows for a maximum of 30 Bytes when naming objects like  users, tables, ...
When it comes to migrating objects to Oracle,  SQL Developer will truncate the object names and resolve clashes with unique names.

Say for example you have two tables called


Oracle SQL Developer will convert these to

Application_Name_SubArea_Name_SApplication_Name_SubArea_Name_1 This default new name may not be to your liking, so SQL Developer has an easy way of changing this mapping.
First perform the Capture and Convert phases. You do not need to perform all the phases of a migration as the migration wizard allows you to stop and start a migration at many points. In this case click "Finish" on the Convert page of the migration wizard.
Once the capture and convert is complete, we will have a list of al…