Protocol Violation / Capturing Issues

**Update:This is now fixed in SQL Developer 1.5.1**
Some SQL Developer Migration Workbench users are experiencing issues capturing.
The migration log may have a Protocol Violation exception reported.

There seems to be an issue with some ORACLE_HOME versions installed on the same PC as SQL Developer.
To ensure that the SQL Developer Migration Workbench uses the shipped JDBC drivers and nothing from the existing ORACLE_HOME use this little script.

The workaround is to tell SQL Developer to ignore the ORACLE_HOME so that it has to reference the shipped JDBC drivers.

1) Close SQL Developer
2) Create a sqldeveloper.cmd file in the SQL Developer root directory
3) With the following contents
start sqldeveloper.exe

4) Run sqldeveloper.cmd

We are looking into what causes this issue, but for the moment the above is the workaround.
This solution was originally suggested on the otn forums�